Born in the 80's, in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines.  My fascination with the arts began at the earliest age I can remember. 

At the age of fifteen my family and I migrated to Oakland, California which changed my life profoundly.  As a young teenager, it  was a difficult transition to adapt in this new environment. It was a tremendous change for me,  almost like losing one's identity. I found solace in arts putting my thoughts and emotions onto blank pieces of canvas, a place of catharsis. 

 With unlimited resources of inspiration of this new land, my mind continues to be filled with new found notion. It led me to study at The Art Institute of California in San Francisco where I majored in Media Arts and Animation and then fell into Graphic Design. 

 My work evolved from traditional drawings to the new era of the Digital world. This website allows me to share with you art forms that allow you to see the world through my eyes, a world of imagination and overflowing possibilities.

About me